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MTD Inc ProductTestimonials

"Was sceptical on ordering the air breather,installed last week and because of rain
didn't get the car out until yesterday. WOW ! I could not believe it, the car seemed much quicker and responsive. All I can say is, it is what they say it is, and the car moves. thanks."
...Bill Hayden
...2000 Prowler

"The 2.2 Intake System is by far the best mod I made to my Prowler. The instant throttle response is amazing! I can't believe the difference. Installation was easy, and the directions were excellent!."
...Joe Kerner
...2001 Prowler

"I just got done installing the Prowler intake system and suspension braces on my new 2001 Prowler and took it for a drive. All I can say is - Wow! It seems like a totally different car. The car accelerates more quickly now and you can actually hear the engine "breathing". Too cool! The braces are doing their job fantastically, even on the horrible roads we have up here. No more bounce and the car does seem to ride smoother. Thank you so much for producing affordable quality products for our cars."
...Rich Williams
...Pittsburgh, PA
...2001 Prowler

"Received and installed the items last night. It was a very easy task. Took less than 20 minutes while being very cautious, in my first modification to my Prowler. The instructions added a great deal of detail and comfort in making modifications to air flow/intake for the engine. It really was a very very simple job. Materials went on without an issue and fit perfectly. The Air Intake System is really great!!! I love the feel of power and performance. The fact that the air flow is not restricted really gives the 'sound' and feeling of get-up-n-go. Really can feel the power. Thanks."
...Rick Landers
...Colorado Springs, CO

"GAWD DAMN!!!! Just installed the Prowler Intake System 2.2 by Magic Touch Designs. I was using the regular flat K&N replacement air filter. I noticed a little difference when I changed from the paper filter to it. But after installing the MTD 2.2, I am wishing I would have went with it a long time ago. Why did I hold out??? Only took about 20 minutes to install. And after starting the engine, you could hear a small difference when just idling... But when I stepped on the gas (while in park), good lord, it jumps up to 5,000 RPMs so much quicker. Then I put it in drive and step on the gas a little bit... Chirped the tires in my driveway... And I was not trying to. LOL Then just driving around town, man, I could tell a big difference."
...Michael Swan
...Raleigh, NC

"Did the intake install, no problems at all. 15 minutes to install, 5 minutes to put back the the side panel, 5 minutes of letting the car idle, and an hour driving the car. Unless I am crazy, it seems the car has a H--l of a lot more get up and go. Thanks alot for the product."
...Dan Garcia

"The MTD ordering system is one of the best that I have ever used on line. His instructions were also excellent. But more importantly, the MTD 2.2 system was easy to install, made with quality material and worth every penny in its performance and sound improvement. I will never have to buy a new CD air filter since I now a million mile air filter."
...Tom Kayuha
...Munroe Falls, OH

"The MTD 2.2 Fits a 1997 Prowler and works great! It really makes the engine louder which is a plus and I noticed more zip when accelerating (especially 2nd Gear)! Thanks for the GREAT service."
...Brian Richardson
...Hartford, CT
...1997 Prowler

"First, let me say, Thank you, for your interest in Customer Service. I have been in it for 30 years now and rarely do you find businesses that take the time to personalize their service.
...Fred Henkel
...Dallas Texas
...1999 Prowler

"I received the shipment and just got done installing everything and went for a quick test drive, WOW!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE IN THE RIDE, ITS GREAT. Thank you so much. I can now enjoy driving."
...Tim Wilson
...South Elgin, IL
...1999 Prowler

"Thank You for the most excellent customer service."
...Rich Ware
...Acworth, GA
...1999 Prowler

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