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MTD Prowler Bypass Kit

As pressure builds from pressure leakage into the engine, the engine recirculates air back into the intake system to be burned again. While recirculating this dirty air, the engine also breathes in oil vapors which, over time, coat the inside of the intake system. As this coating occurs, it fouls the throttle body and collects in the intake manifold, reducing air speed because of increased friction along the coated intake path walls. Performance is further reduced because the engine is ingesting air that contains less oxygen.

The MTD Bypass Kit was created to bypass this recirculation process by preventing the dirty, oily air from being ingested by the engine.

  • Includes all necessary hardware and detailed installation instructions.
  • Installs in five minutes.
  • Easily reversible.
  • For 1999-2002 Plymouth/Chrysler Prowlers.

.MTD Bypass Kit
Retail Price: $49.99
March Special - $44.99

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